Frequently Asked Questions

- What is different about the S.A.M approach compared to other enrichment programs? 

S.A.M differs from other programs by using a unique two-pronged approach to teaching mathematics.

  • Our S.A.M certified trainers effectively deliver a small, interactive classroom experience that allows children to truly learn and retain a fundamental understanding of math concepts. 
  • SAM’s repertoire of over 30,000 carefully designed worksheets (The Worksheet Experience) engages each student individually for study time at home. 

S.A.M’s program is an amalgamation of classroom-based guidance and coaching, and self-learning worksheets. As your child masters each topic, he/she advances to the next topic. Our certified trainers tailor the lessons and worksheets according to your child’s abilities, so that your child can perform at his/her highest potential. If your child performs at an advanced level, he/she will move through topics at a faster pace. If your child struggles in certain topics, these topics will be revisited. 

- Is S.A.M the same as a tutoring center?

S.A.M enrichment centers are not tutoring centers.

Tutoring centers are primarily focused on correcting a child’s specific struggle in a subject area, with the immediate goal to boost the academic results of that subject by using isolated teaching methods. 

S.A.M is a learning center that focuses on an in-depth understanding and a meaningful application of mathematics in the real world. S.A.M uses the world-renowned Singapore Method for teaching mathematics to children. Some of the distinctive attributes of this method include the spiral or scaffolding method of learning, meaning each topic is mastered before moving on to the next.  Another is the Concrete / Pictorial / Abstract approach, which promotes a tangible relationship between math and the real world. A third is the concept of number bonds which explores the different ways that all numbers can be broken down. 

This unique pedagogy promotes a holistic approach to learning mathematics. 

- What if my child has difficulty doing the worksheets? 

Our certified trainers do their best to place your child at the right level for his/her learning ability. Your child may periodically encounter some difficulties with the take-home worksheets. If this is the case, it is best to advise the trainer of this struggle, instead of assisting them to produce the correct answers. Highlighting  difficulties to the trainer will allow your child to revise or revisit the topic, thus promoting a sense of achievement.

S.A.M’s curriculum does incorporate an occasional challenging question. This is designed to test your child’s boundaries. With a healthy attitude towards learning, children embrace the opportunity and view this as a challenge rather than an insurmountable problem. 

- How does the S.A.M Approach to mathematics benefit my child? 

The S.A.M approach to mathematics instills discipline, responsibility and independent learning in your child. These real-life skills and habits lend themselves to day to day life and throughout other school subjects. The weekly guidance provided by our certified trainers gently steers your child in the right direction for learning, and provides encouragement and motivation as they journey into the world of mathematics.

- How much does S.A.M cost? 

The S.A.M program may differ from child to child, depending on specific needs. It is best to contact your S.A.M center to set up an appointment to discuss the fees of our program pertaining specifically to your child.

- My child is weak in math. How can S.A.M help?

If your child is weak in mathematics the S.A.M program can be most beneficial. We begin by offering a one-on-one trial assessment at no cost to you. This allows our certified trainers to tailor the program based on your child’s abilities. S.A.M teaches the world-renowned Singapore Math program, which offers an interactive learning experience that enhances your child’s strengths and improves on their weaknesses. Your child’s learning takes place at incremental levels moving on to the next topic only when the previous one has been mastered. Your child’s independence and confidence will flourish as he/she advances through the S.A.M curriculum.

It is because of the very nature of this unique approach that this program is ideal for all children, whether weak, average or strong in mathematics. 

- My child is already an above average student in math. Why should I enroll them in S.A.M? 

Above average student in mathematics will benefit from the S.A.M program. S.A.M teaches the world-renowned Singapore Math curriculum. Singapore Math students rank at the very highest on the world stage. The S.A.M Worksheets Experience is designed to challenge even the most gifted math students. 

Through our certified S.A.M trainers, the program offers an individualized and interactive learning experience. This program enhances your child’s strengths and improve their weaknesses. Your gifted child will benefit from this program, regardless of his/her above average grades, by developing advanced problem-solving abilities. 

- Are the math topics taught at S.A.M the same as those in my child’s current school curriculum? 

The math topics taught at S.A.M do not differ from the current provincial education program. What differs is the approach to teaching these topics. S.A.M teaches math using the world-renowned Singapore Method. The primary aim of the curriculum is to enable students to develop their ability in mathematical problem-solving; this is the heart of Singapore Math and S.A.M. 

The provincial curriculum is based on a structured approach to teaching. The  S.A.M program uses a spiral or scaffolding method of learning, which is to say that each topic is mastered before continuing to the next. Spiral learning allows for a more in-depth understanding of the topics being taught. Other features unique to Singapore Math include number bonds, the CPA method and bar modelling. These powerful teaching techniques are not used in the provincial school system.

S.A.M’s unique program offers the perfect compliment to your child’s existing school program.