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Our Program

Pre-K & K (Ages 4 - 6)

At S.A.M, we teach your child mathematics in a nurturing, interactive and small-classroom environment. Our unique curriculum employs games, hands-on activities and stories to bring math to life. We call this ‘The Concrete Experience’.

Our program teaches your child:
-how to count and write numbers (for the youngest children who do not yet know how)
-how to associate the image of a given number to the physical number of objects (one-to-one association)
-how to visualize the number line (concept of more and less)
-how to solve simple addition and subtraction problems
-the concept of more than or less than in a comparative manner
-how to identify the number missing between two given numbers
-how to identify and complete patterns with numbers, shapes, sizes, and colors

More than simply teaching the concepts mentioned above, our program will give your child important critical thinking skills; skills that he/she will need in higher levels of education. Our unique pedagogy encourages a sense of self-discovery which leads to a positive attitude towards mathematics and a strong sense of self-confidence.

Learning these important skills in early years will give your child the edge he/she needs to shine amongst his/her peers.

Grade 1 and 2 (Ages 6-8)

Ages 6-8 (Grade 1 to 2)

For children in grades 1 and 2 (cycle one), we reinforce the math concepts already being taught in the school system. What differentiates S.A.M from other math enrichment centres is that we teach your child using the world-renowned Singaporean pedagogy.

A child’s early understanding of mathematical concepts is essential to their future success in school. These early years are the best time to initiate a solid foundation in math. At S.A.M, we teach your child the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’ of math. We do this, firstly, by engaging your child through dialogue. Our small classroom environment allows S.A.M trainers to ask probing questions, provoking your child to reflect using logic and critical thought. Secondly, we encourage the use of concrete materials and visual representations to teach various math concepts; collectively known as The Concrete Experience. This hands-on experience is essential to a child’s true understanding of fundamental math concepts and this understanding is the precursor to problem solving.

In later years, problem solving will become one of the most important aspects of math. S.A.M will allow your child to embrace these problem solving techniques introduced to them in these early years.

Grade 3 to 6 (Ages 8-12)

Beginning in grade 3 through grade 6 (cycles two and three), there is a marked increased level of complexity of mathematical concepts (fractions, division, decimals, percentages etc…), but none more challenging than solving situational problems. In today’s competitive environment, simply relying on rote memorization of procedures will not be enough to ensure your child’s future success in math.

At S.A.M, we reinforce learning these concepts by relating the math to real world experience in an interactive manner. We use a small classroom environment along with unique methods of Singapore Math to create a setting in which your child is actively involved in the learning process. Success in understanding complex concepts requires a higher level of logic and critical thinking skills; these skills are simply not taught in any other math enrichment or tutoring programs.Singapore Math is problem solving math. Our mission at S.A.M is to enrich your child’s overall math experience and to empower him/her with the tools needed to be successful in all aspects of math, specifically in problem solving.

The ability to solve complex situational problems will instil in your child a sense of pride and self-confidence that simply cannot be measured by marks alone.

Remedial Learning and Tutoring (Grades 1 to 6)

Math can be a daunting experience for some children. If your child is struggling in this complex subject, S.A.M can help

At S.A.M, we recognize that the two major hindrances for a child’s ability to learn is a disconnect with the material being presented and the pace by which the material is being covered. In some cases, the school system may be too fast-paced an environment for your child to truly grasp the fundamentals in mathematics. In other cases, the methods by which the material is being taught is not conducive to your child’s way of learning. In either case, your child requires individualized attention.

As a distinct part of our program, S.A.M uses our world-renowned Singapore Math curriculum to offer a one-on-one remedial learning and tutoring experience that caters specifically to your child’s individual needs.

Empower your child with the skills needed to reach his/her potential.

S.A.M’s Values

At S.A.M, we believe all members of our team should conduct themselves with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide the environment to make learning fun and interesting

  • Demonstrate passion and commitment in everything we do

  • Encourage and respect all of our students

  • Sincerely want the very best for your child

By embracing these values, we at S.A.M are able to deliver this remarkable program to your child!