My 10 year old daughter has been attending S.A.M classes since she was four years old. I immediately liked S.A.M because the classes took place in a small and interactive environment. Today classes take place online in a personalized setting with only one other student. In spite of being online, her instructor has successfully managed to keep the class interactive and fun. When I initially enrolled her, I was looking to help my daughter learn basic math skills and establish a solid foundation of math in her early years. I did not expect the outstanding results that I have seen. The SAM method encourages the use of logic and critical thinking, which has led to remarkable success in school, as well as other parts of her daily life. My daughter really enjoys the lessons. Over the years, I have realized that S.A.M has become an important partner in fostering my daughter’s educational development - I highly recommend this program.


Tiziana M, mother of Stella S

Hi, my name is Minh and I came to S.A.M ever since I was in third grade. Back then math wasn’t my strongest point yet. I tended to struggle with some math concepts and I didn’t have the confidence while doing math. Worst of all, I never EVER thought math was a fun subject. I was always discouraged and worried whenever it came to math situational problems and equations. And that’s when my dad took me to S.A.M, Seriously Addictive Maths. Tutors at S.A.M find a new, fun, and exciting way to teach students hard concepts of math whether through real life situations or math games. The patient teachers at S.A.M take their time to explain and teach what’s behind every math concept and equations, from fractions to Algebra. I benefited from S.A.M’s teaching methods and found out how fun and addictive math could actually be! After spending 4 years at S.A.M learning center, I was able to gain the knowledge and the confidence to do complex word problems. I'm now in grade 7, and one of the top students in my high school math class and I even participated in global math contests. All of this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t courtesy to Seriously Addictive Math and their incredible staff of tutors and teachers.


Hello, my name is Sandy, and two of my grade school children are enrolled in the S.A.M. program. We joined almost 2 years ago as first time homeschoolers. As a first time homeschooling mother I researched MANY math programs. We even tried another math program before discovering and switching to S.A.M.

Both my children LOVE math! The S.A.M program doesn’t just teach my children math. It FEEDS their love for math! So many times, I will be waiting for my son to finish his 1 hour weekly lesson, only to find him 20 minutes later still online completely immersed in a math game with Erminio. Now that’s seriously addicted to math!

There aren’t many programs out there, or even educators who love the subject matter they teach and the children they are teaching to completely lose track of time and continue zooming! It’s an absolutely beautiful thing.

Like I said before, the S.A.M. program doesn’t just teach my children math. This program is teaching them problem solving and using mathematical logic to maneuver in everyday life. I see it firsthand when my children are using the concepts and skills, they learn in their math lessons and apply it to a recipe they are baking, or a board game they are playing. It is so much more than just learning math. I have already recommended S.A.M. to family and friends and now I recommend it to you.

Sandy, Mother Arjan and Sahej

"I am glad that I have found a relevant math learning system for my daughter.

She is certainly more independent and motivated in her math learning journey after just one term of enrolment. That's a load off my shoulders!"

Mrs F. T. Wong, mother of H. T. Wong

"Before my son joined S.A.M, he had minimal knowledge about mathematics and no interest in counting. After less than a month at S.A.M, my son could perform addition independently, and he is now learning subtraction.

He has also built a lot of confidence in mathematics. He enjoys every lesson in S.A.M, as the teachers are very friendly, patient and passionate in their teaching. S.A.M's Achievers Program is also part of the attraction to motivate my son to work harder.

I have no regret sending my son to S.A.M, and I thank S.A.M for helping my son to build such confidence in Mathematics."

Chloe Sng, mother of Jonathan, age 6

"As a parent who is not too fond of the rote learning method, the S.A.M Approach to Mathematics, with its emphasis on a holistic and conceptual understanding, bodes well for me. I have seen the vast improvement in my 4 year old son in his mathematical abilities ever since he started with the S.A.M Program.
Coupled with the fun learning methods and highly illustrated worksheets, John is always eager for his next lesson. S.A.M has certainly made mathematics FUN for my son. Thanks S.A.M !"

Jennifer Sim, Marketing Manager, mother of John, age 4

My daughter used to merely memorize math. Now, she comprehends and understands concepts and fundamentals so much more, thanks to S.A.M. The program truly transcends beyond just rote learning, and every skill she learns is relevant to her current school syllabus."

Regina Low, Business Owner, mother of Low Qing Fang, age 6.

"Before joining S.A.M, my daughter was finding it very difficult when she had to complete her mathematics homework. She found it challenging to solve complicated math problems.

Since she has joined S.A.M, I can see she has become more confident in approaching the mathematical questions and she has been looking forward to the class every Saturday.

The teachers at S.A.M have also been very supportive and encouraging in her learning journey too!

In her last exam, my daughter had a more positive attitude towards approaching the mathematical problems and managed to score very well for her exam.

As we have 2 daughters, we appreciate that S.A.M is able to cater for their individual needs and both of them can be in the same class but on a different learning journey. My younger daughter, aged 5, has taken a great interest in numbers since she has joined S.A.M and she seems to be having fun through the learning too!"


Jasmine Poon, Parent of Helena and Emma Tan


My daughter started attending S.A.M classes five months ago when she was still 4 years old. I immediately liked S.A.M because the classes take place in a small and interactive environment. Initially, I was looking to help my daughter learn basic math skills and establish a solid foundation of math in her early years. I did not expect the outstanding results that I have seen so far. The outcome has surpassed all of my expectations. When she started, she was able to count to 20, now she can write her numbers until 99, she can do simple addition and subtraction, and she can count backwards from 100 to 0! The method encourages the use of logic and critical thought, so she has been able to transfer what she learns in the classroom to other parts of her daily life. Julia, her teacher, always makes the lessons collaborative, friendly and fun. Stella loves to go to class every week. S.A.M has become a partner in fostering my daughter’s development and education. I highly recommend this program to all parents of young children.

Tiziana M, mother of Stella.


My six year old son has been enrolled in Seriously Addictive Math for the past four months. During that period of time, he has been excited and motivated to go to class and even work independently on his worksheets. The teacher is engaging and dynamic and created an environment whereby my son could learn math skills that I initially thought were way above his level. I am truly impressed with this program and excited for my son to continue to have fun while engaged in math activities.

Katie Lowi, mother of Benjamin

My three children (ages 8,6,4) attended S.A.M in the summer of 2016. I see significant improvement in their critical thinking and problem solving skills. More importantly, the confidence S.A.M has given my children is immeasurable. They are excited and ready to start the new academic year. I cannot believe how S.A.M managed to make learning and understanding math so much fun for my children. I highly recommend this program for all children.

Nathalie Elbaz Abitbol, mother of Jaden, Ella and Alexia.

A feel good moment for us!
Brooklynne joined S.A.M a few months ago as an average student. Today, she is confident and above average in mathematics. Here is a test result that she proudly shared with us! "Hi Miss Julia! This is Brooklynne, I wanted to show you my latest math test. 99%” Thank you for all that you have done for me!

Nadine V. - Mother of Brooklynne

“Our twin boys were having trouble adjusting to math in grade 1.  Their initial report card suggested that there may be issues.  We registered them for the S.A.M program and remarkably, we saw impressive results very quickly.  In a short period of time, both boys have become very strong in math in each of their classes.”  

T. Copeland - Father of Aiden and Raphael, gr. 1

"I am really grateful for all I am learning at S.A.M! I went from being a girl that didn't like math to one that enjoys it. I actually got rewarded at school with the "Star of the Week" because the teacher noticed the progress I had made from 3rd to 4th grade, and I owe it to S.A.M! Luana is a great teacher. She makes sure I fully understand the concept before moving on to new things. 

I recommend this program to my friends. Thanks, Alexia!!”

Alexia, grade 4 student

"Victor brought home today the results of his first math evaluations for this year. You must know that the 3 month spent together were not wasted. Congratulations for your team work Miss Julia, Mr.Erminio and Victor!!! In the attachment he achieved 100% (30/30) is the “ resolutions de problems (situational problem solving)”so you can see how far he is from his 34% from last year." Thank you!! Cristina!

Cristina U. - Mother of Victor

“Our son Neelan greatly benefited from the time he spent at S.A.M. He was losing interest in school (grade one) and homework was a struggle. I met and spoke with Julia and Erminio who were incredibly informative and patiently answered all of my questions. After one class, I could see the difference in my son. He no longer viewed math in a negative light. Julia had made an hour of math a fun filled learning experience. Hearing him laugh and seeing him happy while doing math was priceless. The small group dynamic worked wonderfully and the space itself is cheery and bright. I would highly recommend S.A.M; it will get your child thinking mathematically and it is done in a completely positive and encouraging environment.”

Neige V. - Mother of Neelan

“Hello Julia and Erminio, I visited Khina’s grade 4 class yesterday and her teacher advised me that Khina is performing exceptionally well in division.  Khina also told us that it was easy to learn division as she used the method she learned at S.A.M.  Also, when they taught prime and composite numbers, as well as other new topics, she understood the concepts right away. She now asks me to test her at home with genuine enthusiasm. She greatly appreciates that S.A.M is helping her understand math and enjoying it as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ESPECIALLY TO HER INSTRUCTOR LUANA and the entire S.A.M TEAM for this wonderful change in attitude toward math for Khina in such short period of time!!” 

Kim H. - Mother of Khina gr. 4